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A is for Alibi - Sue Grafton This one just wasn't my cup of tea. I've been on a detective/PI kick lately and this one didn't measure up to Laura Lippman or Kathy Reichs (not that the bar is very high...)

Kinsey Milhone is a PI in fictional Santa Teresa, CA. She is approached by a client who has just served 8 years in prison for the murder of her husband. The woman hires Kinsey to find the real killer and clear her name.

This book was set in 1982 and it hasn't aged well. The constant references to Kinsey's answering service got on my nerves after a while as did her character in general. I understand that this is the first book in the series, but there was very little character development and really nothing in this book that made me want to find out more about Kinsey. I just think that the main character in a series should be more complex.

Normally I'd pick up the second book in a series to give the author a second chance, but not for this one.