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Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult This book was a standard Jodi Picoult book - controversial topic that includes a court case and a twist at the end. While I enjoyed this story more than some of her more recent books, it was not my favorite. The narrative felt very one-sided (even though all three of the main characters shared their points of view). It was clear throughout the book which side Picoult was on and the other side (conservative Christian) was not explored in depth. Also, I got the impression that Zoe wanted a baby and she didn't care who her partner was. The timeline for this book is also unbelieveable. In less than a year Zoe gives birth to a stillborn baby, gets divorced, shacks up with a new lover, and goes to court with her ex-husband over their frozen embryos. I felt bad for Vanessa - she didn't seem to be too keen on having children and just got sucked into Zoe's obsession.