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The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt After reading numerous detective books - I thought it was time to read a book with a killer for a narrator. The Sisters Brothers are hired guns (I wouldn't call them assassins - assassins seem to have more finesse) who work for a man called the Commodore. The novel follows them as they travel from Oregon City to San Francisco in search of a man who has somehow wronged the Commodore. Eli, the younger brother, is a somewhat endearing narrator. He is kind to a lackluster horse, seeks affection from women and is sympathetic despite the fact that he makes his living by killing people. His brother Charlie is quite different, but they make a good team and complement each other.

deWitt does an admirable job of inflecting his Western story with moments of dark comedy. He introduces many quirky characters into the story, but is wise enough to leave them behind before they overstay their welcome. Overall it was an enjoyable book, and I would definitely read another book by deWitt.