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MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend - Rachel Bertsche This book was disappointing. I was looking forward to reading it because like the author, I've found it difficult to meet friends as an adult. Moving 500+ miles away from home and most of my friends has been a bit of a challenge (luckily I have my husband!). As a twenty-something it can be difficult to meet women my age who are interested in friendship. In college it was easy - you were friends with people who lived near you or were in the same club etc. Grad school was even easier - a ready made set of friends who enjoy the same topic you do! Finding friends as a real-world adult hasn't been as easy.

I found the author's approach of 52 "girl-dates" to be a gimick (obviously) but also kind of defeated the purpose of finding a new BFF. By the middle of the book you could tell the author was becoming overwhelmed trying to find new people to hang out with as well as keep in touch and develop relationships with those she had already met. Plus on top of this, she was spending 2-4 nights a week cultivating these new friendships and kind of ignoring her husband. I understand that the number 52 was chosen for marketing purposes and the author probably wouldn't have gotten a book deal without it. But it might have been a bit more practical (and more successful in cultivating "real" friendships) to only do one a month. Seriously, does she expect to be able to maintain good friendships with the 20-odd women she claimed as friends at the end of the book?