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Broken Harbour - Tana French I love this series.

This story drew me in immediately because the setting of a cookie-cutter new housing development and the struggle of losing a job struck a cord with me. Luckily I have been fortunate and neither my husband nor myself has been laid off - but it is one my greatest fears. Suddenly being jobless with no idea how to pay bills is frightening. And cookie cutter neighborhoods with shoddy workmanship were all too common when we were searching for a home a few years ago.

Scorcher isn't my favorite narrator of the series, but he is a distinct voice and French explores new sides of him that were not evident when he was introduced in the previous novel. I enjoy the new narrator with each book. While I'd like to see what Cassie and Frank are up to - this device makes it feel like I'm shadowing the department and writing an article on the different techniques and personalities of the departments detectives. This device allows French to continue the series while using new voices and keeping it feeling fresh.

I can't wait for the next one!